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We precoat exterior siding, both wood and fiber cement products.
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Benefits of Precoated Products

The benefits of precoated siding products are many. The cost is typically less than that of an onsite painter. In addition, once the installers are done, there aren't any painters coming! No resetting scaffolding, masking off or overspray possibilities. One less step in getting your project completed.

We stain all six sides of wood. This helps to seal the wood and protect it from the harsh environment. The staining is done in our plant where we ensure the finish is applied at the correct temperatures and the wood is racked for drying. Wood naturally expands and contracts during temperature changes. When stain is applied after installation, the whole board is not coated. With prefinishing, there are no worries for exposure to sections that may expand and contract - - - the whole board is coated!

Fiber Cement
We coat everything except the back side. This ensures the homeowner of not having "primer lines" due to any shifting or movement of the fiber cement board because the face of the entire board is coated. No worries for tedious touch-up.

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