Alpine Pre Coat Inc.
We precoat exterior siding, both wood and fiber cement products.
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Coating Products

At Alpine PreCoat, we offer machine applied coatings made specifically for your product, or if you have a favorite brand name, let us know. We do custom work!

We professionally package the products after they have been precoated and dried.  The wood is wrapped and completely sealed with plastic, then banded to ensure it arrives at the job site in perfect condition.  The fiber cement products are slip sheeted with plastic, completely sealed and metal banded to ensure it also arrives at the job site in perfect condition.

We recommend your product to be installed by professionals who like and know how to handle and install precoated products.  This is the best part---once the installers are done, there aren’t any painters coming-one less step in getting your project completed!  A great benefit to contractors and homeowners alike.  For a list of preferred installers, give us a call.

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